Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sarahs' Playmates (Backdated Post)

Her first playmate is...Me and my husband!! We basically played with her from sun rise till sunset. Due to the reason she loves to smille, therefore the more she smile, the more we enjoy playing with her!!

If we are not with her, then the next playmate is her bolster or my husband called it "Mr Tom" (due to the printed cartoon, Tom & Jerry on the bolster cover). It was just a fun game for her. You may see in the below video on how enjoy she is while I am playing the game with her. The original idea of the game was from the daddy also. The daddy always showing the bolster from a far distance and then close and closer to her. Then, it has a magic word that we must say to make this game work, it is :" COMING COMING COMING!!" Then, she will sure laugh!!

The last playmate that she has is..."Owl-Owl". It is actually a gift from Mead Johnson. She always like to bite on it's "graduation cap". This playmate is still her no.1 choice till now.

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