Monday, March 31, 2008

Sarah's First Toy (Backdated Post)

gThe first gift I bought for Sarah is an "Elmo" doll. I bought it at Mid Valley Shopping Centre when we went for shoppong. At that time, Sarah was being babysit by my mother. So, the "Elmo" is a reward for her good behaviour. Anyway, when I showed her the Elmo, she has no reaction of exciting or anything...Maybe she was still small.

Now, she likes it very much. She touches and grabs its legs when she is in the cradle. (I hang the Elmo in the cradle).

As for the daddy, he bought her many gifts, for eg: wind chime, bath toy - Rubber Duck. When she is bathing, she likes to kick the rubber duck, and sometimes she will just ignore it! Talk about the wind chime, I think it is the most expensive gift she has received. It costs about RM40++, but i think is worth it, because it has attractive colours, sound and it is "biteable"!! She always bites on "bee's tail " and sometimes I even can hear the "Jut Jut" sound (sound of "deliciousness") from her..

Besides, she also got a "Star" toy from her 2nd auntie. It was her 1st X'mas gift. Ops, we also never buy her any gift, but the auntie does. Malu~
Now, the "Star" also one of her favourite toy when she is sleeping. She will hold the the star edges by two hands and shake it!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sarahs' Playmates (Backdated Post)

Her first playmate is...Me and my husband!! We basically played with her from sun rise till sunset. Due to the reason she loves to smille, therefore the more she smile, the more we enjoy playing with her!!

If we are not with her, then the next playmate is her bolster or my husband called it "Mr Tom" (due to the printed cartoon, Tom & Jerry on the bolster cover). It was just a fun game for her. You may see in the below video on how enjoy she is while I am playing the game with her. The original idea of the game was from the daddy also. The daddy always showing the bolster from a far distance and then close and closer to her. Then, it has a magic word that we must say to make this game work, it is :" COMING COMING COMING!!" Then, she will sure laugh!!

The last playmate that she has is..."Owl-Owl". It is actually a gift from Mead Johnson. She always like to bite on it's "graduation cap". This playmate is still her no.1 choice till now.

Pity Her...:-( (Backdated Post)

Before Sarah was full month, she had baby pimples all over her face. As a first time mommy, I worried till death! Seeing her face full with red dots and I can't do anything to help her..Luckily, she is a strong girl, she never cried during the period of time. Maybe the pimples are not itchy and she still seems as active as usual.

So, after few days observation, the pimples still do not subsided, so we decided to bring her to see doc.
And on the day morning, the moment I change my clothes and wish to bring her out, I broke down with tears, shy shy... I think I was too worried about her condition. So, finally my mom has to "represent" me to the clinic.

I was so relief after being told that, the baby pimples will eventually go off when I stop breastfeed her. The pimples appeared due to the hormon changes in my body, so it does effect her. Doc said, or else it will also go off when she reaches 3 months.

After applied the cream to her face, she is getting better. Now her face is shiny...

The special “Mark” that she has…

She is special to us...She has curly hair, long legs, small little eyes…
For us, whatever she has, is the best gift from ABOVE…
She has 4 birthmark on her left and right leg. Two on the left and two on the right.
I think she has inheritate the gene from me, because I have one birthmark also on my right hand.

About Sarah

Sarah was born on 24 Sept 2007 -10.26am at Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Her birthweight was 3.45kg and length was 51cm.

She was an active bb. When she was in my tummy, she always like to do the "boxing kick". No matter when I am sleeping or I am standing, she will still kick. Sometimes the kick was so GREAT till I feel the pain..Naughty girl!

She also like to suck on her fingers. There was a scan image showing clearly that she is sucking the fingers. Even my gynae also said :" see, so cute your bb, sucking the fingers...)

Anyway, no matter how naughty she was in my tummy, she is still our beloved bb.

We are so grateful and blessed that she was born as a healthy and cute baby.

We love her very much. MUAK!

"Can you see what I see? She was sucking her fingers"

"These are her small little footprint which printed in the health book"


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