Monday, March 31, 2014

Corn or Wart

Some of you may know about having corns between toes as Sarah started with three lumps on her right toes earlier last year; she wasn’t aware of it until I noticed them.

We tried using the corn plaster and drops to get rid of it, but end up her skin being scalded badly…seems like it is not the best remedy after all.

I was advised to use banana peel to eliminate the corns. We tried the method for two weeks, but it showed no improvement.

I was so disappointed and gave up. We told Sarah, since it does not affect her daily routine and caused no pain, we leave it as it is.

About a month the corns left untreated, its condition changed; now there is some black specks resembling cauliflower appear on the center of the lumps. After further check from internet we realized that Sarah is having warts on her toes.

Warts are contagious and must be dealt with fast before they spread to other family members.

Those medical websites do lay out the treatment options. We’ve tried few of it but they were so stubborn to get rid of, and more warts have been spread to other toes.

While I was desperately search for a best solution, I found this…

Finally, this remedy worked best on Sarah’s condition. It removed them quickly.

The warts did come back once after the initial treatment; with second treatment now that we hope it can cure this problem, once and for all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gold Coast Morib Resort

We’ve actually heard about the place few times before; it is near, it is inexpensive and it is on Groupon one day, so we just grab the deal.

The main attraction of the resort is their water park. Sarah and I jumped in straight even before we checked in to the hotel; and it was quite fun when we tried out the water slide. Sarah feel a bit scared after first try, so we just proceeded to other areas.

We had spent about two hours in the water park and then, I got a terrible sun burn! Maybe the sun block is not that high-grade and the burn is so bad (even till now). Sarah had it too, but she was ok after few days.

The room is spacious and cozy enough for us; the Jacuzzi in the bathroom makes us like it even more…

In the evening when we headed to the beach, the water has receded. Daddy and Sarah walked quite a distance to enjoy the sea and waves; the wind was extremely strong, hence we did not stayed long for the sand play.

The buffet dinner was okay. Sarah loves buffet, or maybe after swimming, as a result she help herself a lot during the meal time.

Well, in conclusion the place is more like a strip down version of Sunway Lagoon; the check-in process can be smoother, nevertheless, it’s still a good weekend getaway.


Monday, February 17, 2014

So long, kindergarten

Now that Sarah’s already in her primary school, looking back, I guess we’ve chosen the right kindergarten all along.

Sarah had nothing but wonderful memories for her preschool; over the three years of kindy life, this shy girl has slowly gaining confidence in few aspects, for example making friends, talking with teachers and stage performance.

We always felt blessed as her teachers were ever helpful in building her self-belief. They guided her well and gave her opportunity to perform some duty in the class, and even let her play important role during her final year concert.

Speaking about the concert, we were at the front row watching Sarah acting and dancing. It was truly an amazing and proud moment that our little girl has grown up so much, right under our nose.


On the last day of the school, Sarah cried badly. She felt the heavy heart to leave her beloved teachers and friends, and she knows this is it. Move on, she must; and with the guidance and support she have hopefully it prepared well enough for her life in primary school.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Final Year in Kindy (2013)

Gosh! This is such a backdated post; in fact, Sarah’s already at the primary school!

This post is all about Sarah’s last kindy progress report. It was also the final time we met teacher to talk about her class performance.

The good comments were Sarah behaved obediently in the class and her writing is quite neat; but the teacher is concerned about Sarah’s concentration, or the lack of it, sometimes.

Teacher related there was a time she double-copied things from the whiteboard (for homework). When checked with Sarah, she explained that sometimes she misinterpreted teacher’s instruction, hence, the double-copy.

For that, we encouraged her to speak out more with teachers if she needs any clarification, any time.

Let’s see things will get improve in the primary school…


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Loose Tooth

Sarah is going through an exciting phase of her childhood now - she dropped her first baby teeth (upper central incisor) last month, and second one (lower central incisor) few days ago.

Furthermore, she got a third one which is wobbling!

It was by chance I checked on Sarah’s teeth and we were shock that it started to feel shaky; weeks later, it dropped out naturally while she was having her meal. The second one came out few days ago when she was about to take bath.

The tooth is now nicely kept in a small container, and we’ve told her about the tales of Tooth Fairy too. It meant so much to Sarah, it was quite a milestone…she is growing to be a big girl.

By the way, we can see that her permanent upper central incisor seems erupting soon…
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Part 1
For every KLite and Selangorean, Tasik Titiwangsa (or Lake Garden) needs no introducing.

During my childhood time, it was quite a popular recreation spot; I still remember the activity I loved the most was boat-paddling.

As we wish to let Sarah relive the fun, during last Hari Raya we decided to bring her there. Traffic was a breeze as we took just 30 minutes to reach the place.

It is such a huge park, with the famous lake. To our disappointment, the boat-paddling was not available due to public holiday (silly timing, huh?)

But it does have a big play set around, so we let Sarah spent some time there; and we promised her to return to the place, some day…


Part 2

We do keep our words and planning to revisit Tasik Titiwangsa last Sunday; this time, we invited my sister’s family and our parents.

But our boat-paddling plan hit another snag.

Even before reaching there, my sister called to say that the place was filled to the brim with cars and runners…alas, it was KL Marathon day!

We got no choice but to detour back to our house…it became a family gathering day. Luckily Sarah and her cousins were not disappointing at all as there can still hang around at our neighborhood park.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Addendum (Sarah sixth birthday)

Before I forget, there is two addendums I wish to jot down in this blog as regards to Sarah’s sixth birthday.

The Gift
Being a girl, she desires to have the Barbie Vacation Glam House as her birthday gift…well, she got it this year.

It’s quite a huge set, and it is solid too; the house has a beautiful pink door and the double-storey movable tier make the house looks gorgeous and cool. I must say it worth the money paid.

Another wish Sarah have for birthday is to dine at the sushi restaurant; she likes sushi but mostly we bought it from supermarket previously.

Her first dining experience there was awesome. The conveyor belt seems enough to keep her entertained for the entire meal.

We ordered kid’s meal for her; the food served slow, so she can finish it real fast once the food came.

Good foods and nice place, as expected, she already plans for the next visit when mommy’s birthday.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

For nature lover, I am sure Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) at Kepong should ring some bells.

My neighbours recommended it to us, and indeed what a great place it was. The surrounding are full of trees and greens, scenery landscapes and a small waterfall…it’s about time to sent Sarah back to Mother Nature.

We went there for picnic twice recently; the first outing was with neighbours and the subsequent time with our family members.

We all enjoyed the refreshing dip at the waterfall, and children like sand-play the most. There was another cool treat – the “fish spa”, which I let small fishes nibbling away the dead skin of my feet; it feel tickling and…weird.

So trust me, parent, it is worth to ask the kids to put down the iPad, and experience the great outdoor.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We Won! Thrice!

Once in a while, my fellow blogger friends (like June and Kylie) will tips me about some contest organized by certain company.

A case in point, we’ve just take part in three Barbie contests namely “Barbie colouring”, “Barbie fashion designer” and “Barbie and me look alike” in the space of two month, courtesy of Mattel.

In each time, Sarah and I worked together in completing the task. No doubt we are eyeing for the prizes, but I also forewarned her about putting too high hope.

And here are our entries…

Guess what, we win! Three out of three! So now, Sarah has two sets of Barbie Fashion Design Plates Kit and a set of Barbie Colour Stylin’ Hair Doll as her prized possession.

If this is not called luck then I don’t know what is.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sixth Birthday

Sarah turned six on the 24th this month. To our surprise, this year she requested to celebrate the special day with her neighbourhood friends; in order to make the party more fun and meaningful, we’ve prepared some games, gifts and simple decorations.

It’s not an easy task to prepare a kid’s party but we are glad that everything turned out smoothly at the end.

And we are quite sure that was one of Sarah’s happiest day in the year.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun Day Out to Seremban

Sarah and I have visit Ostrich Farm and Yakult Factory during school holiday. The trip was organized by a church group at our community; we paid a very reasonable fee in return of constant cheer and laughter throughout the outing.

And to make things more fun, my sister and neighbours (with their kids) were with us too!

Ostrich Farm
The one-hour bus ride first brought us to the Ostrich Farm. This place is much cleaner and have bigger compound compare to Port Dickson one; they have a guide to take us around the farm and explained all things about ostriches.

Due to the scorching hot sun, Sarah and I was hesitated to try out the ostrich ride; we also give it a miss for a chance to stand on its egg.

One funny thing about the farm is they got a lot of hungry goats wandering around and nibbling at our pants and bags…Sarah stood close to me the whole time to prevent become a goat feed.

After the 90 minutes visitation we had our lunch at a nearby café and then took off to the next destination.

Yakult Factory
It was the first for me and Sarah to have any factory tour. We got to see the entire production line of Yakult, but unfortunately photo-taking was prohibited…or else it will be quite good to share it here.

We learned about Yakult’s history too; Sarah found it interesting because it was presented in comic form. Of course, it won’t be a completed tour without any free sample of the cultured drink and goodies, so it is a big smile on Sarah’s face at the end.