Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Kitty Town

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour has been opened for some time now but only last year we had a chance to bring Sarah there.

It was a long drive from home; half way through the journey we pulled over at the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary to let Sarah see the beautiful creatures. It was an eye-opener for her.

It’s already late afternoon when we reached Johor, so we stayed over at a hotel before the next day plan. Oh, the hotel has a rooftop pool for us to unwind and the pool water is freezing cold!

After a good night’s sleep we departed to the Hello Kitty Town the next morning. We were shocked by the huge crowd queuing at counter when reach there; luckily we still managed to get the tickets just on time before the action started.

As you might already know, the place is all things Hello Kitty! Beautifully set up, nicely decorated; and there were ranges of activities available for the visitors. We decorated the Kitty cookies, bracelets and also beatify ours nails in the Kitty Nail Salon.

The stage show and parade were the highlights of the day. Their costumes were lavish and colorful but the best part was, the performer would invited the kids to join in…How fun!

And of course, we will never miss the opportunity to take picture with their mascots.

We only bought single-park ticket this round, but it’s already exhausting enough and occupied us for more than half a day; but nevertheless, what a mesmerizing trip.

(221213 & 231213)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

2013 Holiday Programmes

Obviously, this is a backdated post; and I’ve never thought of being delay for so long!

During the 2013 year-end holiday, Sarah has joined three holiday programmes at three different centers. The activities included arts & crafts, cooking/ baking, gym exercise and kids yoga.

The one Sarah enjoyed the most was doing yoga with a group of friends; by looking at the photos, I can feel her excitement in the class. Yoga is good for her as it increases the body flexibility, strength and concentration.

Sarah also learnt some arts and crafts techniques like weaving, T-shirt painting and soap-making. Every time she will came home with some art works that she has done at center, and she happily shared the knowledge with me.

Within three weeks, she’s amassed quite a lot of craft works. Therefore, we have turned one of the tables into her display corner.

P/S: Thanks Janice for the Yoga photos.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Perpustakaan Tun Uda & School Library

Sarah loves to spend time at bookshops since she was a toddler; she simply enjoys flipping through the books or listening to stories from us.

And then we came across some information about Perpustakaan Tun Uda at Shah Alam few months ago. It was the largest public library in Selangor and we decided to bring Sarah there, as we believe it will be an eye-opener for her since she never been to such place before.

It turned out we were impressed with the set up of the library; it is new, clean and the most of the places are fully carpeted…and their staffs were quite friendly too.

Sarah enjoyed herself so much in the children reading zone as it was well decorated with colourful furnitures and comfortable lighting. The gigantic “tree” and “hill” also helps to create a conducive reading atmosphere for her.

Kids are not allowed in other sections so we did not explore the whole library, but we did manage to borrow home some children books.

Sarah definitely learnt something from the visitation. She has a better understanding of library rules now, and it gives her courage to borrow the first book from school library recently.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wall Sticker and Art

Sarah has been sleep on her own since a year ago; at that time, we did not do any renovation but with some Ikea furniture, her own room was set up. For Sarah, as long as the place decorated with things in pink, she was pleased.

And after that we’ve added some colors to the walls with wall sticker. Sarah get to pick her favorite patterns and it fits perfectly next to her bed. The stickers are good in quality as they are repositionable yet can still apply smoothly on the wall.

To further enhance the sense of belonging about the room, daddy suggested to Sarah to use her art works (from art lesson) as another wall décor. Daddy then put in some effort in framing the pictures and the outcome was wonderful.

With a little money and time spent, we have just transformed her slumber land into a playful and lively place.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Corn or Wart

Some of you may know about having corns between toes as Sarah started with three lumps on her right toes earlier last year; she wasn’t aware of it until I noticed them.

We tried using the corn plaster and drops to get rid of it, but end up her skin being scalded badly…seems like it is not the best remedy after all.

I was advised to use banana peel to eliminate the corns. We tried the method for two weeks, but it showed no improvement.

I was so disappointed and gave up. We told Sarah, since it does not affect her daily routine and caused no pain, we leave it as it is.

About a month the corns left untreated, its condition changed; now there is some black specks resembling cauliflower appear on the center of the lumps. After further check from internet we realized that Sarah is having warts on her toes.

Warts are contagious and must be dealt with fast before they spread to other family members.

Those medical websites do lay out the treatment options. We’ve tried few of it but they were so stubborn to get rid of, and more warts have been spread to other toes.

While I was desperately search for a best solution, I found this…

Finally, this remedy worked best on Sarah’s condition. It removed them quickly.

The warts did come back once after the initial treatment; with second treatment now that we hope it can cure this problem, once and for all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gold Coast Morib Resort

We’ve actually heard about the place few times before; it is near, it is inexpensive and it is on Groupon one day, so we just grab the deal.

The main attraction of the resort is their water park. Sarah and I jumped in straight even before we checked in to the hotel; and it was quite fun when we tried out the water slide. Sarah feel a bit scared after first try, so we just proceeded to other areas.

We had spent about two hours in the water park and then, I got a terrible sun burn! Maybe the sun block is not that high-grade and the burn is so bad (even till now). Sarah had it too, but she was ok after few days.

The room is spacious and cozy enough for us; the Jacuzzi in the bathroom makes us like it even more…

In the evening when we headed to the beach, the water has receded. Daddy and Sarah walked quite a distance to enjoy the sea and waves; the wind was extremely strong, hence we did not stayed long for the sand play.

The buffet dinner was okay. Sarah loves buffet, or maybe after swimming, as a result she help herself a lot during the meal time.

Well, in conclusion the place is more like a strip down version of Sunway Lagoon; the check-in process can be smoother, nevertheless, it’s still a good weekend getaway.